About Us

Tom Connell

Real Estate Broker and Owner of Connell Landing Realty

I am a Pike County Alabamian who grew up on our family’s working cattle farm. From a young age, my lifelong pursuit has been enjoying the outdoors and working to enhance property.

My grandfather instilled in me the love of growing the finest cows we could and taking great pride in this concept. It turns out this was a great way to learn practical management skills that benefit both the land and cattle. Like many other farm families, we did most of the farm repairs in house, so when terraces or ponds on the farm needed work, I learned by immersion. After my father’s passing, I went into excavation on my own. My dad always taught me to respect my elders, so I hired mostly older people who had the most experience. I then became a student of my employees, and great things were accomplished for many years.

I have always given God the glory for blessing me with this career path and for always placing the right person in my path every single time no matter the obstacle. This choice often placed me in pine plantations where I began helping manage stands of timber with controlled burning practices and the planning and construction of internal road systems for each property.

This set me up for a unique skill set that has been invaluable in preparing me to not only guide others on their quest to find their right property, but also the most effective ways to set up their new property for wildlife and timber management. I have always believed in the quality of the people and land here in my home region.

Reach out to me and tell me your goals, so I can better serve you.